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Sep 20th, at 10pm

Io sono per le rosse, ma certe bionde sono da urlo. (presso Pizzeria Donna Fortunata)

Aug 7th, at 5pm

Ciao Orgasmo! (presso Centro Sicilia-Lindt Maitre Chocolatier)

Apr 15th, at 9am

"sfortunatamente" siamo bloccati nel traffico

Mar 6th, at 12pm


Feb 8th, at 2pm

Lei non aveva ancora ricevuto il suo benvenuto qua dentro. #allabuonora

Jan 5th, at 1pm

Giuro, io non ho toccato\aggiunto nulla, l’ho trovato davvero così per strada.

Jan 2nd, at 2pm

Primo giorno dell’anno.

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What do you get when you give Eevee a French Stone?



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Hayao Miyazaki by C3mnt

Here’s an amazing illustration of Japanese animation genius, Hayao Miyazaki, created by Vietnamese artist, C3mnt. Check out the entire process at this Behance link, as well as closeups of aspects you might’ve missed in the actual picture. There’s one film from Miyazaki’s filmography in each part of the sketch.

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Pokemayan Pokemons

Created by Monarobot

Commissions are open in the artist tumblr

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